Top Ten Dumb Career Mistakes: ...And How to Avoid Them

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Just visualizing the people on the other end viewing or interacting with your work may be enough to remind you that the project is real and important to them—not just a list of annoying to-dos standing between you and happy hour. The good news? Most of us are actually really skilled at this part. But the rest? Not so easy.

This part's super easy—you just need a piece of scrap paper. Did you run a spell-check, triple-check measurements, comb your spreadsheet for bugs, re-read that email? This relieves you and your brain of the responsibility of remembering more than five pieces of information about the project.

Go to the bathroom, come back, and check again before you hit send.

10 Silly Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Looking at your work with fresh eyes is never a bad thing. But it will give you peace of mind. What does this mean for you? If you feel comfortable enough to do this in your role, consider talking to your manager about what makes your job tedious, inefficient, and anxiety-provoking—but come prepared with solutions.

Top Ten Dumb Career Mistakes . . . and How to Avoid Them by Lona O'Connor | eBay

They saw firms going out of their way to block employees from reflecting on their assumptions or asking for justification of decisions and actions. By doing this, organizations often create functional outcomes both for individuals career progression and the whole organization the ability to avoid conflict and focus on common goals. While these favorable outcomes may dominate in the short term, collective stupidity can create major dysfunction in the longer term, including a lack of learning and an imperviousness to mistakes.

The authors discovered several ways organizations positively encouraged intelligent people not to fully use their intellect.

Avoid These Dumb Mistakes I Made in My Business – 097

Leadership — Leaders talk about vision, purpose and authenticity with great verve. Most executives spend their days attending meetings, filling in forms and communicating information. This is almost always wishful thinking, and the fascination with branding can be a dangerous distraction. Launching branding initiatives means that executives can focus on the easier work of manipulating surface images and avoid the more challenging realities of organizational life.

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Imitation — Many companies adopt the latest management fads , no matter how unsuitable they may be for that organization. Leaders hope their firms will be seen as world-class if they copy well-known organizations, but often there are very weak reasons for following industry best practice and it rarely has the intended impact. Company culture — Cultures can imprison employees into narrow ways of viewing the world, such as the common obsession with constant change.

Change programs are launched with great fanfare, but not much happens next.

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Leaders then drop the initiative and move on to the next fashionable change program without learning anything new. This approach means managers spend their days trying to claim responsibility for projects that have succeeded and dodge responsibility for failures.

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  8. A culture of unflappable positivity is also popular. Acting stupid at work is a subtle art.

    Here are the tactics skilled practitioners of corporate stupidity use to get it just right. Do what everyone else is doing — If your competitor introduces a new strategy, do the same — no matter how wrong-headed it might be. Look good at all costs — Advanced practitioners of corporate stupidity often spend less time on the content of their work and more on its presentation.

    Assume the boss always knows best — This means doing what your boss wants, no matter how idiotic.