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I read this book in one sitting. Very enjoyable. This is a real good book, and not just because Dee Snider grew up a few miles You don't have to be a Twisted Sister fan I am not to enjoy this book. This is a real good book, and not just because Dee Snider grew up a few miles from me on Long Island or that we played in the same nighclubs. What you'd expect from Dee Snider. An interesting, well-written look at Twisted Sister's rise and fall. Dee Snider is an engaging narrator, and he does a good job of being self-reflective and self-deprecating, taking blame where he has fallen short and dishing out blame when deserving to others.

I was never a huge Twisted Sister fan - I considered picking up their album several times in high school, but there was always another album that I wanted more. But I've always been a fan of Snider when I've seen him through the years, and this book does him justice.

I appreciated that although Snider laid some of the blame for Twisted Sister's decline and fall on record label decisions, he took his fair share of the blame. He talks about mistakes and bad decisions he made, and talks about how his ego got in the way.

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It's easier to be sympathetic when someone is willing to share the blame for how things went. I can't help but compare it to Anthrax's Scott Ian's autobiography, where he blames everything on record label decisions. Or Sammy Hagar, who's autobiography left me thinking "what a jerk.

Jul 02, Tanya rated it it was ok Shelves: dollar-tree. The fact that I found it at the Dollar Tree didn't hurt. I wanted to learn more about how Twisted Sister got their start, which I did, but parts of the book were kinda really boring. I had to make myself keep reading at some points. It's refreshing to read about a rocker who didn't do crack, didn't drink a bottle of gin every night or sleep with every groupie available. It also ends sort of abruptly. The book covers Dee's career with local New York bands until he eventually ends up in Twisted Sister and everything took off from there.

He met his wife, TS got a following and they got a record deal. He also mentions all of the milestones he missed with his first son: most of his wife's pregnancy, his son's first steps, his first words, etc, because he was out on the road. You can tell how much he really loves his family and I liked that part. After living the high life for so many years and then having the last Twisted Sister album and tour fail miserably and making some less than wise business decisions, Dee had to file for bankruptcy two different times.

He lost just about everything except for his family and his wife's hot pink jeep. Trying to pull himself back out of the hole was a humbling experience and it seemed to really open his eyes.

Then the book just ended! He mentions that to learn about what it was like for him to make Strangeland you'll have to read his next book, but I don't want to! Jun 03, A Reader's Heaven rated it really liked it Shelves: biography , non-fiction. Dee covers everything from his early years and bands, getting the gig with TS and the eventual demise of the band. He speaks about the hardships getting to where he truly believes he belongs and the terrible failure that followed the bands' successes.

He is brutally honest about those people who were around him: band members, managers, record label, distributors The one thing that stood about it all was Dee's love of "it" - his family. His wife, Suzette, who went through it all and supported him deserves a similar medal to that of Sharon Osbourne: while Sharon had to deal with Ozzy's drugs and alcohol binging, Suzette Snider had to deal with a man in denial, depression and failure.

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Dee's love for her - and the support she gave him - shines through this whole book. Loved nearly every page of it! Paul ARH May 03, wendy rated it really liked it. Jun 05, Teressa rated it it was amazing. Loved it!

As a child of the 80s, I loved Twisted Sister. This bio was interesting and entertaining. Dee Snider and Twisted Sister worked so hard and never seemed to get the breaks to make it really big. View 2 comments. Nov 27, Jeff McCormack rated it really liked it Shelves: read , biographical.

Dee Snider, ‘Shut Up and Give Me the Mic’ Excerpt – Page One

Great book. I have loved them ever since, including Dee's other musical ventures. It took me a while to get around to reading this book, and I had help fund and have watching the recent documenta Great book. It took me a while to get around to reading this book, and I had help fund and have watching the recent documentary on the band, so decided it was time to read this.

It fills in lots of gaps from the documentary, of course more from Dee's side of things, but connecting many dots, which is nice. I found it an easy read, very well written, and if you are a fan of the band, it becomes a real page turner. Lots of details, and lots of self-inflicted pain is seen, which made me feel bad for the band and Dee specifically, and a few stabs at other band members as expected. I couldn't help but wonder how the other band members took what he said at time, especially given the fact the band continued to tour for a few years after the book came out.

The early struggles of the band, and the over and over again bad timing and bad circumstances they ran into have to touch you. The struggles just seemed unbelievable at times, and at times made me want to track Dee down and give him a big hug of encouragement. And now knowing the circumstances behind the scenes of each album gives me an added appreciation of music I already was fond of, and I have been spinning their music a lot during this reading process. The band is over now after the death of drummer A. Pero, so reading this book was like closer of the story of a great band, one that according to the book was very instrumental in what later became known or rudely called the "hair" band era of the 80's.

Feb 20, Lydia rated it it was amazing. And after that?

It's so much more! Once Dee starts, he doesn't stop. Not one to beat around the bush, he gets right to the heart of every chapter, every life experience, an Shut Up and Give Me the Mic: A Twisted Memoir is everything a rock-n-roll memoir should be. Not one to beat around the bush, he gets right to the heart of every chapter, every life experience, and tackles it with the same ferocity he unleashed upon legions of heavy metal fans during Twisted Sister's early years through to their breakthrough superstardom with 's Stay Hungry.

Dee recounts his childhood as an unpopular kid, his relationship with his overworked dad inspiration for "Neidermeyer's" role in the Twisted videos We're Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock , his blind ambition fueled by PMA--Positive Mental Attitude , and the long pot-holed road to international stardom.

SHUT UP AND GIVE ME THE MIC by Dee Snider | Crimespree Magazine

Along the way he lists his "Dee's Life Lessons" and sets himself apart from other rockers by noting that he didn't drink or do drugs, and conducted his on-the-road life hermit-like to preserve his energy and voice for the "Demolition Squad" shows Twisted Sister performed nightly on the East Coast--years before they finally struck commercial gold.

Dee writes, "As for drugs, I've always known I have an obsessive personality, and if I started doing drugs, I wouldn't be able to control myself. Besides, I've never had a problem "letting myself go. Not really. I'm just anti-asshole. If you can party and remain who you are or become a looser, more fun version of who you are, God bless you.

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But if when you party, you become some shape-shifting, obnoxious asshole who doesn't know when to quit It's DS through and through. I even liked grunge--the hair-metal slayer--but in the s and s--and even still today--there's just too much whining and complaining about how life sucks, and not enough middle finger. The amount of information stuffed in this book is staggering. Contained within are in-depth excerpts about record deal pitfalls, clashing personalities and jaw-dropping scenarios with label execs.

With thousands of live shows under TS's belt there's plenty of stage hijinx and humor; like getting banned from all outdoor venues in NYC because poor New Jersey families were forced to listen to a long chorus of crowd-orchestrated "Fuck you's!

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Sage relationship wisdom? Not a problem. I could actually describe far more without spoiling the book one bit. And I used to play Stay Hungry in awe of the non-radio-play songs. They were a good, hardworking rock band. He's succeeded at a music career, scriptwriting, becoming a t.