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Interdisciplinary learning has proven to have a positive impact on teaching styles and on relationships with both colleagues and students. Let's discuss a few of these potential benefits.

Status of Women

Introducing an interdisciplinary element into a curriculum encourages all involved to develop meaningful links among the fields in ways that intrigue and motivate both teacher and students. Interdisciplinary, often dubbed "the teaching of thinking," gives a purpose to study that goes far beyond the evaluation and memorization of information related to a topic.

As a design element, it can push you and your students toward more powerful thinking and the ability to make comparisons that bridge disciplines, span eras, and encourage the application of knowledge. Engaging in this kind of thinking can also have a positive effect on you, the teacher and designer.

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Many educators feel energized when using a fresh approach to old content. I was teaching facts for the sake of knowing facts.

I now know I must go back and redevelop my own way of thinking and revise my lessons. This class was a real eye-opener; I think it. The provision of retraining incentives and programs as a means of redressing inequities of distribution in identified areas. The development of specific programs designed to identify and encourage women to pursue leadership positions within the district. The establishment of specific goals and timetables for increasing the representation of women in areas where they are underrepresented.

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The establishment of an evaluation process to review the program and ensure that goals and timetables are being met and that those responsible for various areas of the program are held accountable. Site Search.

Status of Women Culture of Consent Reviewed Dec 78 Ex, pp. Sept 74 Ex, p.


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Jan 95 Ex, p. Jan 05 Ex, p. Many educators agree that interdisciplinary units further the development of higher-order thinking skills. Presenting curricula in an interdisciplinary format is one means of helping your students realize the behavioral and performance objectives that you set.

Make LSC part of your story.

At this expert level of integration, you will bridge the disciplines while simultaneously creating a thoroughfare between your students' needs and the content, allowing each to inform the other as the unit moves toward completion. Students engaged in interdisciplinary learning often find the content more exciting and relevant, especially if teachers can connect the disciplines not only to each other but also to the past and present in a way that relates to students' lives.

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In its recommendations for American Schools, the NAASP advises, "If teachers can establish links to the lives of young people naturally and contextually, why not heighten the interest of students and motivate them by explaining the importance that the material holds for them? In this video, teacher Joel Chandler describes how the convergence of history and literature in his class helps the content come alive for his students.

In schools around the nation, educators are developing ever more sophisticated interdisciplinary learning units to augment their curricula.

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  • Now that we're familiar with the history of interdisciplinary learning and many of its advantages, let's move on to " Demonstration ," where you will see some examples of teachers using interdisciplinary curriculum design. Thirteen Thirteen Ed Online thirteencelebration. All rights reserved.