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Keith Coats is the co-author of Leading in a Changing World, and writes regularly for many different publications.

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He's a founding partner of the international consultancy TomorrowToday Global. Our Grow Smart Graduates will take the time to pitch their latest business projects and off course we'll raise the glass afterwards.

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  • The legal sense dates from the mids. Jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes refuted the idea that such an agreement is basic to a contract, writing in in the Harvard Law Review that a meeting of the minds was really a fiction. Nevertheless, the term has been adopted for various kinds of agreement.

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    References in periodicals archive? However, due to the complexity of real estate transactions today, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the extent of the agreement that must be reached for a meeting of the minds to be established. Brokerage agreements: what the courts look for.

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    Generally, to be entitled to commissions a broker must be the procuring cause in bringing about a meeting of the minds between the parties to a transaction. The bad faith termination of the broker. Idioms browser?

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