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Point is twofold: First, the fracktivists are overplaying their hand as there are all sorts of interesting initiatives one can draft.

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Second is that the Fracktivists generally only want to play environmental hero if they can stick it to the mineral interest owner without paying him. Change the latter and watch their desire to change the world whither on the vine. Found this interesting…. If so, I have a hard time thinking anything negative about him, especially after he saved us from an alien invasion in Independence Day.


This is like a family telling their kids that their dog has gone to play on a beautiful farm far away. The Brian Williams thing is about lost credibility in journalism, and the Jon Stewart thing is about how a comedian came to represent journalistic credibility. Both stories are fascinating.

Ronald Reagan — or Hillary Clinton, if you like — can tell long tells that exaggerate their heroics, but no one expects any better of them. The guy who reads the news is supposed to be telling the truth.

When you lie, you get fired. Littwin : Dan, my mom told me about that farm.

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Oh, Duke. Haley : Without credibility, a TV anchor has nothing but good hair and whitened smile. He could end up back on TV, but not as an anchor for a network. One the of the best parts of this story I saw is that Williams once said he wanted to succeed Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. When, for years, no one has cared.

Littwin : Jon Stewart changed everything. Williams became an entertainer.

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Stewart became a multimedia oracle. It was the Internet.

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The morning clips of Jon Stewart became as important as the show. He became the opposite of Fox News. Yes, Stewart changed everything.

Namely — is this a legit challenge to Palacio? Is it a signal of some deeper discord among the Dems? I agree that Stewart changed everything.

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I also think journalism, in all its staid and boring glory, created a vacuum that he filled. But I do know after every election, particularly if your party loses, party activists get fired up over ousting the state party chair and it really never amounts to anything. Heck, I remember back in , when the Dems won control of the statehouse for the first time in 40 years and captured a US Senate seat and party activists tossed aside the state party chair in favor of Pat Waak.

Seriously, still silence??? Is everybody on the left afraid to weigh in who will win state chair for the Dems? Or is it? Haley : My silence comes from my utter lack of interest in who leads the state parties. I do like Ryan Call quite a bit, and his team can claim its victories as well, taking back the state Senate and winning a US Senate seat. Littwin : It will be less interesting who replaces Stewart than what replaces Stewart.

The great SNL stuff. That show spun off a lot of creative people, including Steve Carrell. Littwin : Good point, Dan. Only real insiders care. It looks like a purity thing.

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Republicans and Democrats can only win if they win the middle. These are some of the issues that will be taken up at work-shops at the Economic Summit, and Jackson was proud to announce that Sheila Bair, chair of the FDIC, is among the invited speakers. Jackson suggested a few things the incoming president can do, including the enforcement of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Tue, Sept. What's up with Jesse Jr.? Newark set to unveil new lead testing results. Understanding what makes people tick, what motivates them and what inspires them is the key to unlocking their potential.


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