A Hanging at Cinder Bottom

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A Hanging At Cinder Bottom: Interview With W.Va. Novelist Glenn Taylor

Synopsis Stylish historical fiction in the tradition of True Grit and Carter Beats the Devil , A Hanging at Cinder Bottom is an epic novel of exile and retribution, a heist tale and a love story both. The year is Abe Baach and Goldie Toothman are at the gallows, awaiting their execution.

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Abe split town seven years prior under suspicion of armed robbery and murder, and has been playing cards up and down the coast, hustling under a variety of pseudonyms, ever since. Glenn Taylor, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, has a unique voice that breathes life into history and a prose style that snaps with lyricism and comedy.

He was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia, and he now lives with his wife and three sons in Morgantown, where he teaches at West Virginia University. NY Times.

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LA Times. What follows is the story of how they got there, a tense tale of love, grift and an elaborate con. The prose is polished and archaic, unique unto itself. This is the opportunity of fiction to create a foreign world with language, and Taylor does it seamlessly. The picture Taylor paints of it — fiction with a grain of truth — is Deadwood among the mountains.

checkout.midtrans.com/paginas-conocer-gente-ribadumia.php Harry Trent is sometime mayor and a leading businessman, a jovial manipulator who always seems to end up on top. Abe is the Keystone Kid, the genius young card player on retainer to keep them entertained — and properly fleeced.