30 Minutes to Market Yourself (30 Minutes)

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Or, maybe you had a so-so experience and have a lot of thoughts on what you love about your gear, and what could be improved.


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December 14, September 8, Christopher Ross. Task List Slideshow Guidebook Comments. Tumblr Vimeo. LinkedIn Vimeo. Take Lawrence for example. He is an accomplished IT professional with an impressive resume and no problem getting up in front of a room full of colleagues. In our first practice interview, he managed to avoid talking about his most impressive accomplishments and to stumble and mumble when asked about his strengths.

After one session, Lawrence went from modest and forgettable to irresistible well, he got the job offer that he wanted anyway.

How to sell yourself in 30 seconds and leave people wanting more

Some of my most impressive clients have suffered from this same discomfort with self-promotion. In daily life, we are rarely called upon to list our strengths or detail our accomplishments. This is just good manners when it comes to cocktail parties, but will definitely hold you back in job interviews. A job interview is unlike any other form of interaction. The interviewer wants you to communicate what makes you stand out from other candidates. His job is to pick the best candidate. As a result, great candidates often get passed over for people with worse qualifications but better presentation.

It can be useful to approach it as a marketing challenge. Amusingly enough, some of my most modest clients have been marketing executives who were brilliant at marketing but struggled with applying this knowledge to promoting themselves. An interview is a conversation, yes. You want to be likable and authentic.

You want to convey what sets you apart from the competition and how you could benefit the organization if hired. Some products are all marketing and little substance. You may know a few people like this. Any good marketer understands the value of market research. Who is your target audience? What are they looking for?

What does the competition offer? Take a good look at the job description. Where are you a great match? Which of the top requirements do you bring to the table? Can you claim expert status or impressive accomplishments that can separate you from the pack? This is where a trusted mentor or coach can help with some objective feedback on what to emphasize and what to downplay.

30 Minutes: To Market Yourself

Be proactive about what you want to convey in your interview. Based on the analysis conducted in Step 1, you should have a pretty good sense of the key selling points that your interviewer will be most interested in.

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The process of writing down your speaking points will make a tremendous difference. Sit down and list your top selling points.

What do you want your interviewer to remember about you? For each of these, write a proof statement.

This proof statement can be a brief example or a more general statement about how you have demonstrated that strength in the past. If this is one of your strengths, highlight it with specifics:.

Proof Statement A specific example : In my current role, I have built a great team that has grown from 3 to 14 over the last five years. Early on, I learned a lot from my mentors about how to hire the right people and coach them to success. Now my bosses send young managers to me to mentor! I have managed customer service teams at both large and small companies for more than four years, so I know how to get the best out of customer service professionals.

Example selling point 2: Hard worker. If you choose this as one of your interview selling points, make sure you have a great example or proof statement that shows how you personify this quality. Also, be sure to supplement this one with additional selling points that are more specific to the role and set you apart more clearly.